Admission to SMTA is open to all tennis enthusiasts starting from beginners below the age of 7 to seniors and competitive players in various categories.

An Application form to become a part of SMTA can be filled up online or you could speak to the following personnel:

Mr. M. Faiyaz Baig : +91 98490 42733
Mr. Mitesh Shah ....: +91 77996 77995

Fee structure for training at SMTA depends on the level of coaching and training required by the player at the academy. These issues can be discussed in detail with the above referred individuals in person.

The academy at present has 6 Coaches and a Physical Trainer. The coaching and training methodology is monitored by Mr. Imran Mirza, the father, mentor and travelling coach of Sania and by Sania Mirza, herself, whenever she is free from the professional Circuit. This ensures that specified quality standards are maintained at the Academy.

Rural Talent:

The SMTA will organize tennis camps for children from rural areas at the academy periodically and will select individuals who show an aptitude and potential for the game. Such children will receive training at the academy as its special wards. SMTA will spare no effort to help them develop their technical skills, mental attitudes and promote them in competitive tennis. Over a period of time SMTA is hopeful of producing tennis internationals from India by tapping into the hitherto untapped sporting potential of Rural India.

Adhoc Access:

The Courts and Related facilities at SMTA are available to amateur or professional players or groups of tennis enthusiasts for practice and matches. Court Fee per hour is charged by SMTA for this service.

The required facility needs to be booked in advance with the academy and shall be offered subject to availability.

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